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The training you wish you had to gain a competitive advantage when selling out of home advertising.

I have been asked numerous times by the leadership of OOH companies to implement an expanded OOH sales course that will help their reps sell more faster.

They wanted a course that:

  • covers the basics of OOH sales.
  • is LIVE and has limited class size to assure maximum engagement.
  • is implemented in segments to facilitate maximum adoption.
  • was taught by someone who has actually excelled at selling out of home.
  • spares companies the time/expense of creating their own training.
  • isn’t a generic off-the-shelf training program that just says “OOH”.
  • doesn’t require the expense of travel or excessive time lost from their job.


TIMING: New course dates to be determined. Email me at KevinJGephart@gmail and I will keep you updated

                OUTCOME: The course will build skill, confidence, product belief, and OOH Sales.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Sales reps who are new to  media sales,  new to the OOH industry, or experienced sales reps who need to re-energize their OOH skills through fresh ideas.

TRAINER: Kevin Gephart, an experienced and accomplished OOH senior account sales executive, sales trainer, mentor, and coach. Learn more about Kevin at OOHSalesFaster.com

TEXTBOOKThe Ultimate OOH Sales Guide  (A copy of the textbook will be provided if needed.)

DESCRIPTION: The course consists of 12 one-hour, weekly, online classes via ZOOM (course descriptions outlined below). The LIVE/REAL-TIME aspect and limited class size assures maximum engagement. Short reading assignments prior to each class will be required.

Here’s what students will learn:

WEEK #1 Your unexpected career; being in the right place, at the right time, with the right business.

WEEK #2  A simple idea for growing sales along PLUS important traits needed to succeed in out of home sales.

WEEK #3 Heat-Seeker prospecting.

WEEK #4 Preparing for client meetings PLUS 35 high-gain prospecting questions.

WEEK #5 The top OOH sales objections and how to handle them.

WEEK #6  Doubling your account list by capitalizing on the recruitment ad category PLUS selling against local TV.

WEEK #7 Selling against radio, print, and direct mail.

WEEK #8 Selling more digital OOH faster.

WEEK #9 A proven technique for generating sales ideas PLUS the 22 rules for winning sales negotiations.

WEEK #10 Techniques for closing the OOH sale PLUS 13 critical steps for executing the sale.

WEEK #11 Handling the dreaded cancellation call PLUS handling account collections.

WEEK #12 Leveraging management to help you sell PLUS covering the toughest objections the class participants encounter every day, ending with THE FINAL EXAM

Total investment per participant is $795. You’ll be invoiced when registered

To register or get more info, email: KevinJGephart@gmail.com, or call 612-387-5349

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